Grassroots Racing Sponsorship Application

The Syndicate might get all the press, but the heart and soul of Santa Cruz are those of you who fit your lives around training, who leave work early on Fridays to spend weekends at races and your earnings on entry fees. 

Our Grassroots Racing Sponsorship Program exists to help dedicated privateers who live and breathe bike racing, and would like to represent Santa Cruz at the Pro/Cat1/Cat 2/Cat 3 level.

  • Outside the United States or Canada: please contact the Santa Cruz Bicycles distributor in your region for more information about sponsorship opportunities.
  • Are you on a shop team? Please have the shop contact your local inside sales rep.
  • Looking for Juliana? Fill out the grassroots form on the Juliana site.

Fill out the form below (it’s lengthy, but it really helps us stay organized), and we’ll get back to you within a few days.